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Unusual places to stay

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

If like us you’re always in pursuit of something truly unique when planning your holiday, then you'll love our collection of unusual places to stay, which reveals locations so special that only a privileged few can enjoy. Whether you’re looking to experience a breakfast picnic alongside elephants and giraffes in the Kenyan plains, or wish to watch the Grand Prix from the comfort of your suite, the architectural feats of these experimental properties will leave you and asking “when can I go?”.


The quiet forests that flank the Lule River Valley provide the setting for an exceptional escape. Hidden away among the trees lie the seven remarkable treerooms that comprise the Treehotel, a visionary concept brought to life by founders Britta and Kent, in collaboration with some of Scandinavia’s leading architects. Upon arrival, guests check in to the Guesthouse of Treehotel, before making the short stroll to their treeroom from a choice spanning the two-person Cabin, reached by horizontal bridge among the trees, and reflective calm of the panoramic Mirrorcube to larger dwellings including the Dragonfly, UFO, Blue Cone and Bird’s Nest with retracting staircase. Newest of all is the 7th Room, perched high in the pines with bedroom skylights and north facing windows for watching the Aurora Borealis in comfort.

Families, couples and groups can experience exciting outdoor adventures such as dogsledding tours, snowmobile safaris, eagle spotting, ziplining and culture-rich encounters with the region’s ethnic Sami people. Try your hand at ice fishing and moose calling in the heart of bear country.

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