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Covid-19 Advice and travelling 

The situation with travelling abroad is a fluid one, and as such the advice that we are giving below is correct at the time of adding.

Many countries apart from the U.K have their own entry requirements; this can be confusing, the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) may advise that its safe travel, for example, to Canada, however, the Canadian government require all non-Canadians to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. This is a crucial point to remember.

  •, the U.K government, has a fully comprehensive Covid-19 section on their website, such information as below can be found:

  • Entering or returning to the UK

  • Guidance for travelling abroad

  • Countries you can travel from without self-isolating.

  • Countries exempt from advice against non-essential travel

  • Safer air travel guidance for passengers

Some other companies may purport to give advice, however something I have learnt is the only people qualified to do this, is the UK authorities, always check what you are being told.

  • Visa requirements, most if not all foreign immigration departments, have cancelled visas, this includes, although not an exhaustive list, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Always check this before making a booking.​

  • Covid-19 tests, Most destinations you will travel to, will require some sort of negative Covid test to enter, this could be a PCR test or Antigen test.​ The destination pages located via the UK government website will assist you in what requirements are needed, please see 

  • Travel insurance, insurance is even more important than it's ever been before, you should make sure that your travel insurance policy covers you for covid-19, importantly for cancelling your holiday if you test positive in the days before departure. We do not sell travel insurance; however, one such company that offers a covid-19 policy are Holiday Extras,, the company, are offering an online chat facility for enquiries.

For the most up to date information, please contact me directly, the situation is changing all the time, and I am unable to update this page with all of the various changes. 

If you require any further information, please contact us at  

Updated - 08/02/22

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