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Research is part of the process that clients are usually fine with leaving to me, sometimes clients want to be involved within this process, which is totally fine. 

I will research all elements that go towards building your holiday, the details are what’s important in this job, this can be from selecting the right airline for you, and departure times, pre-booking seats on the aircraft, and making suggestions in this regard. For example, I always like to give clients the choice of sitting as near to the front of the cabin as we can get, if in economy, often with airlines such as EasyJet, they allow able-bodied travellers to pre-book and pay for row 1, which have extra legroom and other benefits, having these small things added into your quotation means we are not then always adding additional items to the total cost, I find it’s better to include everything, and then you choose what items you don’t want to take forward. 

After booking a few holidays I can instantly know where to send you, based on what we have booked before, a gratifying part of my job is recommending destinations that you may not have even considered, for example, looking for some winter sun, not to far away; however you have been to the Canary Islands before, I have often had this crop up, I have suggested to clients, to try the northern part of Tenerife and then fly from the domestic airport to one of the other islands, making a twin-centre, or even trying one of the very smallest islands in the Canaries, such as La Gomera, or La Palma, these islands can easily be worked into a 2 or 3 centre holiday, combining beach, with perhaps a more cultural stay at the same time. 

Accommodation is another great offer from me; I love hearing about new places to stay, from clients, and from my suppliers, I am often one of the first to know about new openings, combined with accommodation that I have actually stayed in myself, not all hotels that are my favourites are 5 stars, I have recently stayed in a wonderful small 2-star hotel in northern Greece. 

Whatever your request, the research is as important as the planning; it allows me to put into practice what we love to do in the travel industry. 

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