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Best places to travel in August 2021 & 2022

Many destinations are ripe for a summer break in August. For a trip focused around wildlife, consider a safari in Tanzania, which experiences its dry season, a trip to Borneo to see turtles hatch or a visit to Brazil’s Pantanal for a shot at seeing a jaguar.

Elsewhere, beaches are at their best on Sri Lanka’s north, and east coasts, Iceland’s interior has thawed out, ready for you to explore on foot and by super jeep. At the same time, northern Australia is dry, sunny and comfortably warm for hikes.

Alternatively, you might like to soak up the culture in Luxembourg or Denmark, stay on a hacienda in Ecuador’s countryside or enjoy a family escape to Mauritius.

1. Australia

August is an excellent time to visit northern Australia, which experiences dry, sunny and warm conditions, making all areas easily accessible. You can comfortably hike in the national parks, relax on the beaches while they’re at their best, and snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef, which sees gentle currents at this time of year.

Southern Australia is cooler, making it a good time for hiking, though there’s more chance of rain. As a result, you’ll find far fewer visitors than during the country’s summer months. Also, without the scorching temperatures, you’ll be able to explore inland regions such as the Flinders Ranges more comfortably.

  • Don't miss: Sydney, Uluru & Great Barrier Reef

  • Flight time: 20 hours (Perth) or 24 hours (Sydney)

  • Time difference: UTC +7 to UTC +11

  • August Temperature (Day): 19 to 35°C, depending on the region

  • August rainfall: 4 to 449mm, varies by region

2. Borneo

Watching turtles hatch on sandy beaches, hiking through the fruit-laden forest in search of orangutans, enjoying lively festivals… Borneo has plenty to offer if you’re planning a visit for August. Conditions are hot, humid and dry, making it a great time for beach relaxation and exploring the shaded forest, where the abundance of fruit draws in a wealth of wildlife. These favourable conditions make it a popular time to visit, so plan to secure the best jungle and beach hotels.

Elsewhere, you might catch the Borneo Arts Festival, a week-long celebration of the arts on the island of Labuan that falls in either August or September.

  • Don't miss the Orangutans & islands of Borneo.

  • Flight time: 15 hours (Kuching, via Singapore)

  • Time difference: UTC +8

  • August Temperature (Day): 31 to 32°C, depending on the region

  • August rainfall: 119 to 310mm, varies by region

3. Denmark - Visited

Though Denmark is a year-round destination, August offers long daylight hours and warm — but not hot — temperatures excellent for outdoor adventures like hiking in the green landscape. The region is busy all summer, so book early, but August falls after the Danish school break, so the crowds have thinned a bit.

Denmark’s weather is notoriously fickle, even in summer. However, as long as you’re prepared for a sudden rain shower or drop in temperature, then this is a good time to take advantage of the world’s most cycle-friendly city with a guided bicycle tour of Copenhagen.

  • Don't miss Copenhagen in a nutshell.

  • Flight time: 1 hour 45 minutes (London to Copenhagen)

  • Time difference: UTC +1

  • August Temperature (Day): 21 to 21°C, depending on the region

  • August rainfall: 64 to 64mm, varies by region

4. Mauritius - Visited

Pleasant temperatures, warm ocean waters and nights without humidity make August a good time to visit Mauritius. You’ll find mostly sunny, warm days that are ideal for exploring or relaxing, whether you want to unwind and enjoy family time on a sheltered beach, go hiking in the Chamarel Mountains or take in the culture and sights of the island’s towns and cities.

Your stay might coincide with the Ganesh Chaturthi, a Hindu festival celebrating Ganesh. You’ll see bright statues of the elephant-headed god on display throughout the island, which are then immersed in a body of water.

  • Don't miss: The superb beaches, service and weather

  • Flight time: 12 hours

  • Time difference: UTC +4

  • August Temperature (Day): 21 to 25°C, depending on the region

  • August rainfall: 64 to 98mm, varies by region

5. Ecuador

One of the driest and warmest months to visit mainland Ecuador, August brings blue skies and ample sunshine, although rain showers are always possible. It’s an excellent month for hiking in the cloud forests, looking out for brightly plumed birds, or for exploring the Avenue of Volcanoes. It’s also a good time for a hacienda stay, learning rural skills and soaking up country living in beautiful surroundings.

You might like to combine Ecuador with time in Peru, which also experiences good weather in August. And, while the waters around the Galapagos can be choppy in August, a trip is still possible — lookout for sea lion pups playing on the shores.

  • Don't miss: Essential Ecuador: Quito, the Highlands & Galapagos

  • Flight time: 15 hours (Quito via Madrid, Amsterdam or the USA)

  • Time difference: UTC -5

  • August Temperature (Day): 24 to 31°C, depending on the region

  • August rainfall: 0 to 216mm, varies by region

6. Luxembourg

August weather in Luxembourg is mild and sunny, with long days and plenty of outdoor concerts and festivals. This summery weather draws visitors from across Europe, so be sure to plan.

You might escape the crowds by spending a whole day under the green canopy of the woods as you take a guided hike along the Mullerthal Trail in Little Switzerland. Or revisit the country’s World War II history with a guided tour in Gen Patton’s footsteps. Finally, if you visit towards the end of the month, you might catch the early days of the harvest in Moselle Valley.

  • Don't miss the Self-drive tour: Luxembourg, Freiburg, Munich, Innsbruck & Zurich.

  • Flight time: 1 hour 20 upwards depending on the airline (London to Luxembourg)

  • Time difference: UTC +1

  • August Temperature (Day): 0 to 40°C, depending on the region

  • August rainfall: 0 to 600mm, varies by region

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