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The Moorings offer a variety of cruising experiences, from bareboat charters to crewed yacht charters with your own captain and chef. The Moorings' award-winning fleet of monohulls and catamarans have been expertly designed and provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. #caribbean #sailing #savetravel #dgtravelhenley

Contemporary styling, spacious common spaces and cabins, and the latest technological advances come together for the ultimate performance and comfort. There are various choices when it comes to a Moorings holiday:

Charter with a crew

If you prefer to leave the helm to your professional captain and take delight in the culinary pleasures of your private chef, then a Moorings Crewed Yacht Charter is perfect for you. Personal service and premier yachts await you with the promise of memories that will last a lifetime. Every hour in paradise is yours to spend swimming, snorkelling and relaxing at your own pace. This all-inclusive experience not only provides you with a captain and chef but all water toys, food, snacks, drinks and cocktails are included as well. Your crew’s excellent local knowledge will ensure you discover all the best places to go, at the best times to go there.

Just take a cabin

In the British Virgin Islands, you don’t have to charter an entire crewed yacht to enjoy the amenities of the Moorings Crewed Yacht Charter. They offer a ‘Sail Away’ programme which means you can just book a cabin but still get to experience all the luxuries and amenities that Moorings offer, as well as the opportunity to make new friends on board.

Sail By the Cabin for 6 nights from £2,889 per person on All-Inclusive.

Charter with a skipper

A charter with the option of a Moorings Skipper is an excellent choice if you’ve never sailed before, want to book a yacht that’s larger than you’re comfortable handling, or simply want more time for rest and relaxation. You can still charter the yacht of your dreams — just with a little help. Leave the work and responsibility to your skipper, or choose to take the helm under the skipper’s guidance. With years of cruising experience and a wealth of local knowledge, Moorings Skippers are the ideal guides to your cruising area.

Charter "Bareboat"

If you’ve sailed or boated previously, even if you’ve not spent much time as captain, you’ll likely qualify to charter one of the yachts. An understanding of basic seamanship, boat handling and navigation is all that’s required for a yacht charter in many of the locations served by The Moorings. No formal certification is required for most regions. By completing their Sailing or Boating Resume and submitting it online, The Moorings will inform you what size yacht you qualify to sail.

Sail through the islands of Greece, make your way through the islands of the Seychelles whilst stopping at pristine beaches and snorkelling amidst coral reefs, or enjoy a family boating holiday in the Caribbean, visiting Saint Lucia or Grenada, and cruising the Grenadines. There are a wealth of options available for all levels of experience - talk to our travel advisers for more information.

Sample itineraries - 10 days from Saint Lucia

Beginning in Saint Lucia, you’ll sail along the coast to Soufriere, a town packed with colourful colonial architecture and set within sight of the majestic twin Pitons. Saint Lucia is resplendent with natural beauty, coral reefs and enticing beaches. Cruise on to St Vincent and go snorkelling before taking in the bustling restaurant and nightlife scene. It’s onwards to the sleepy island of Bequia next; lounge on the white sands of Friendship Bay or hike in the hills of Mount Pleasant before continuing on to the exclusive island of Mustique and the Tobago Cays, followed by Union Island and Petit Martinique. Your journey concludes in the spice-scented isle of Grenada where you’ll spend your last evening anchored in Prickly Bay listening to a live steel band at the yacht club’s bar.

Sail through the Abacos, the Bahamas for 7 Days

Sail to cays ringed with ivory sands, brilliantly blue seas and barrier reefs on this exhilarating adventure through the translucent waters of the Bahamas. Lying just southeast of Florida, the Bahamas are home to almost a quarter of the ocean’s coral, making diving and snorkelling here an absolute delight with the kaleidoscope of tropical marine life that inhabit the balmy waters. Explore the narrow streets and historic sites of Green Turtle Cay, enjoy a variety of watersports at a tourist hotspot, Treasure Cay, and indulge in fine dining on the beautiful Elbow Cay. Whether you’re sipping sundowners on the deck of your yacht, or sunbathing on a white-sand beach, you’ll find cruising in the Bahamas to be a paradisiacal experience.

Prices on enquiry.

I have sailed through the British Virgin Islands myself; it was some time ago, I was very fortunate to be offered a 7 day trip to the islands, on my trip we had a catamaran and a more traditional sailing yacht, my personal preference was with the yacht, however now you are also able to charter motor cruisers, although the purists of sailing wouldn't perhaps call this sailing!

One of the main attractions for myself and this type of trip is that its completely laid back approach, no getting dressed for dinner, the complete flexibility of where to stop and what you do, the skipper/crew are great at making recommendations to you, places that you may not think about, we had a great afternoon eating lobster at Anagarda island, very simple affair, just some basic chairs on a beach with a table, and $30 lobsters as big as you can eat.

When taking a crewed yacht you will normally find that the company will ask you about provisions, so the crew can cater to your likes and indeed, dislikes, nothing is ever too much trouble.

These trips although not cheap in any way or form, are perhaps for the frequent traveller, who is looking for something different, or a special event even, once in a lifetime holiday, often with the Caribbean clients twin the 5/7 days with a hotel stay to get the most out of the trip, its a great way of obtaining two or more holidays in one trip.

I travelled with The Moorings when the company was independent, they are now owned by a much larger company, although have kept the loyal guests and to a certain extent the companies independent.

If you would like to have more information or ask me about my personal trip, please let me know, I would be happy to share my experiences with you.

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